What's in a Word?

I was visiting with a leader recently about where our organization was headed and the leader used a powerful word that I did not expect: "obligation". It was used in the context that we are obligated to innovate technically so we can provide the best possible experiences for our external and internal users.

What I like about using the word "obligation" is that it came from a completely different perspective than I expected. It hones in on the organization's relationship with its users without mentioning competitors or profits. It is simply the right thing to do and we should feel compelled to do it.

This word and this topic will require more reflection and a longer post in the future. For now, it seems to me that a wise leader very carefully considers their words. Not just to avoid saying the wrong thing, but to also make sure they say the right thing. The right words can convey the correct intent and perspective to others and change the whole course of events for an organization.

More to come!